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1. Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival, Pune

Promotion of Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival celebration in Pune city and avoid river pollution.

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Funding Agency

Cummins India Foundation

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Cummins India Foundation, Pune Municipal Corporation

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2 Months

Activities conducted

Awareness Program

Door to door awareness for celebration of Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival in Pune city.

Awareness programs in schools and colleges

Approx. 400 students were engaged through school and college programs in Pune Municipal Corporation area.

Population outreach through social media platform of Facebook and WhatsApp.

Aarohanum has a team of IEC and Communication Experts who design and develop creative content in order to engage maximum population through social media.

Impact Achieved


population outreach


Educational institutions visited

600+ HHs

Adapoted Eco-friendly Ganesh in Pune

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