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E-waste Management in PCMC

Under this project, E-waste Donation Camps were setup along with a partner NGO and waste was collected and transported to Cummins India Pvt. Ltd. For recycling with the help of voluntary participation of local college students.

Aim: Conducting E-waste Donation Camps in residential societies of PCMC and creating IEC material for the same.

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Funding Agency

Cummins India Foundation

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Cummins India Foundation, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Janwani (NGO, Pune)

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6 Months

Activities conducted

Conducting E-Waste Donation Drive

E-waste donation camps were setup in 22 residential areas of PCMC. Aarohaum also achieved a voluntary participation of local college students at the E-waste donation centres for keeping a record of donated e-waste. The Mega Drive was set up for 3 consecutive days as well as Aarohanum help in the establishment of 2 permanent donation centres in PCMC.

Setting up an information kiosk at the donation centres

The donation camps were provided with an information kiosk to educate people regarding the E-waste and provision of required information on the camp.

Conducting E-waste donation camp in schools

Aarohanum also conducted E-waste Donation Camps in 5 schools in the area. Students were also engaged in fun learning activities and studying of the donated E-waste.

Impact Achieved


E-waste was collected in a single day

0.0012 TPD

Around Daily Collection of E-Waste

200+ people

Made inquiry regarding the E-waste and purpose of the camp

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