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1. Food Waste Management Project

Development of IEC material and conducting awareness activities in Karve Nagar for promotion of sustainable food waste management.

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Funding Agency

Pune Municipal Corporation

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Pune Municipal Corporation, Janwani (NGO, Pune)

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6 Months

Activities conducted

Door to Door Awareness

Residents of Karve Nagar were visited and educated regarding the importance of appropriate food waste management. The bulk generators were also encouraged to setup their own wet waste processing plant. All households and commercial establishments were visited by Aarohanum team and relevant pamphlets were distributed

Street Plays

Aarohanum conducted street plays to catch the eye of pedestrians and children. The street plays were written and performed by group of professionals from Pune city.

Poster Presentation

A communication expert was assigned for poster presentation in parks and gardens for targeting the youth and elderly. The participants were also engaged in a quiz contest to develop an interest in obtaining comprehensive understanding of solid waste

Implementation of Wet Waste Management Plan in Karve Nagar

A system of waste collection and processing was set up for all the bulk wet waste generators like hotels, restaurants, eateries, vendors, etc. in Karve Nagar area of Pune. Approx. 200 kg of wet waste is collected per day and transported to the biogas plan of Cummins College, Karve Nagar.

Impact Achieved


Waste generators have opted for scientific disposal for Wet Waste.

600+ people

Reach in awareness programs.

12 households

Started practicing household level composting.

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